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Chantelle (they/she) is a Black, afro-Caribbean, afro-Latinx, queer contemplative. A first gen American with roots firmly tethered in the African/Black diasporic experience in South America and the Caribbean. Originally from Miami, FL but now calls Philadelphia home. Deeply invested in connecting and learning from other Black artists - getting to play and explore in nature with others. Their creative practice is always evolving - including contemplation, altar building, writing, painting. She is a certified movement chaplain, Liberation Reiki practitioner, a spiritual herbalist apprentice and a yoga teacher student. The founder of Black.Bird.Rising an apothecary, healing, artist and retreat community for Black/POC, Queer, Trans humans and the community that loves them. They stay grounded through connection to Spirit, ancestors, community and dreams of our collective liberation, healing and rest. 

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Our Ancestor - Mudah

Olga Elizabeth aka Mudah, born in Guyana, South America, is my maternal great-grandmother and spiritual guide. She lived to be 104 years old with a strong heart and mind. Throughout many spiritual experiences Mudah has called me into this labor of love for myself, family and community. We launched Black.Bird.Rising project in 2023 on her birthday, September 20th!

Olga Elizabeth aka Mudah our guiding ancestor


We would love to collaborate with folks who align with the vision and values! Let's connect.

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