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The long story - made short

Why Black.Bird.Rising? Learn more about the founder's personal journey to launching this healing community and our values. 


Longing for healing...

In my mid-thirties, the tyranny of living in a system of oppression was more than I could bear and I experienced a mental health breakdown, including deep episodes of depression, anxiety and despair. At the time, I was desperate to find a space of respite where my soul could receive the nourishment it so deeply needed. Unfortunately no place existed in my city or nearby counties where I, a Black, Queer and Trans-Femme, would not be a target of systemic oppression and violence. While I was able to build a support team for out-patient care, it was exhausting and it left me longing for a more generative and generous place of care for those like me. The dream for Black.Bird.Rising was planted in the place of my deepest pain and longing. I am full of awe and gratitude for how we - Spirit, my ancestors, my soul and my loved ones - have tended this beautiful dream as it takes flight.  


Choosing Worthiness: Each of us is worthy of pleasure, care, provision and rest. We do not have to earn it. Ease and joy are our birthright - so we embrace and celebrate our divine worthiness.


Choosing Abundance: We choose to align our resources with our values through abundant investment in the co-creation of a better world. We reject the scarcity framing of deficiency that allows us to scapegoat marginalized communities while prioritizing hoarding.


Choosing Presence: We can be here now, embodying and living into moments of liberation happening all around us. We hold our humanity with tenderness and reverence - resisting the tyranny of perfectionism that diminishes our sovereignty and agency. We practice slowing down so we can be present for our becoming and the building of our beloved collective.

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